Sorrentino Wall Textures Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Use a multicolor paint with distinct colors in a single composition

Providing and applying 0.05 thick ‘Terre Palette’ Sorrentino spray finish of (earthen, coral, spectrum) – a special multi-coloured combination of colours mixed in a formulation but separated within the same packing in a 4 coat system, 1 coat of base primer (50-60 microns) of required colour (as approved by architectengineer in charge) of (earthen, coral, spectrum) by brush or roller, 2 coats of ‘Sorrentino’ of 0.05 mm thickness (earthen, coral, spectrum) with special EVTA spray gun, 1 coat of clear matt or gloss finish top coat of 30 – 40 microns by brush or roller. Above application to be carried out on the base of single coat/double coat smooth mala plaster.


Raw Material

Multiple colours, imported binders, specialty chemicals, cellulose thickeners, additives, biocides and water.


Water and cellulose thickeners are added in the mixer with additives, following which emulsions are added with various colours. The contents are then allowed to mix for a calculated time period per batch size. Biocides are added as part of the process for anti- fungal, anti-algae properties. Quality standards are checked for the batch and material is release through the valve for packaging.


  • Application Tool : EvtaSpray Gun
  • Thinner : Not Required

Varies with surface condition & application method, film thickness applied.

  • Packing : 20 Sq.ft/1Ltr
  • Mixing Ratio : Not Required


  • Surface must be cleaned of chalk and debris.
  • A base coat of primer of relevant colour is applied on the plastered surface using a roller or brush. .
  • The material is applied using a specialized spray gun to get the required design.
  • Clear Matt/Glossy Top Coat must be applied following the application of the product.
  • Drying time is usually between 8-24 hours depending on weather conditions.


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