Use a multicolor paint with distinct colors in a single composition

Sorrentino spray finish is a special multi-colored combination, mixed in a formulation, distinctly applied in four coats:

  • 1 coat of base primer (50-60 microns) of any colour
  • 2 coats of 0.05 mm thickness with special EVTA spray gun
  • 1 coat of clear matte or gloss finish of 30 – 40 microns
  • To be carried out on base of single coat/ double coat smooth mala plaster


Raw Material

Includes multiple colours, imported binders, specialty chemicals, cellulose thickeners, additives, biocides and water


  • Water and cellulose thickeners are added in the mixer with additives
  • Emulsions are added with various colours
  • The contents are allowed to mix for specific time period per batch size
  • Biocides are added for anti-fungal, anti-algae properties
  • Quality check for batch and material is released for packaging


  • Application Tool : EvtaSpray Gun
  • Thinner : Not Required

Varies with surface condition & application method, film thickness applied.

  • Packing : 20 kg bucket
  • Coverage : 400 sft per bucket
  • Mixing Ratio : Not Required


  • Surface must be cleaned of chalk and debris.
  • Apply a coat of primer of relevant colour on plastered surface with a roller or brush.
  • Apply the material, using a spray gun for design with adequate water
  • Dry the coat between 8-24 hours based on weather conditions


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